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ESCENE DeskPhone Software Release Note


ESCENE DeskPhone Software Release Note 

1. Introduction 

1. Product Name: ESCENE DeskPhone 

2. Software Version:1.2.x upgrade to 1.3.x 

3. Release Date: 2020.03.20 

2. New Features  N/A 

3.Optimization Features 

1. Optimization voice issue: too many calls will make voice error. 

2. Make software more stable and reliable. 

3. Reduced software update time. 

4. Optimization auto-provision method. 

4. BUG Fixes 

1. Solved sometimes incoming calls was no ringer.

2. Solved repeat operation Dir or Back key’s error. 

3. Solved telnet bug. 

4. Solved sometimes register failed when the SIP account register interface has changed. 

5.Instruction (New Features)  N/A 

6.Instruction (Optimization Features)  N/A 

7.Upgrade suggestion 

If your phone have as above question, or feeling not so good(e.g have a lots of calls - call center, operating slowly, or sometimes SIP account register failed etc.), you can upgrade this new version and retest.